MoFi versus new remasters

I have recently seen the prices of these MoFi CD's getting downright "stupid" on eBay, many CD's selling for over $100!!! I have been buying MFSL CD's since the early '90's and never minded paying the premium on them ($25.00 at the time) because they were vastly superior to what was available at the time. Being a MAJOR Moody Blues fan, I have the entire MoFi CD collection from them and many other groups. Well, greed got the better of me I guess and I decided to buy one of the remastered Moody Blues CD's and compare it against my MoFi with the thought being I'd get a new CD with better sound and actually put some money in my pocket with the sale of the MoFi. First, the CD I bought remastered was the Moody's "Days of Future Passed". The MoFi release I had was one of the old Ultradisc II, before they had their "gain system" and probably released in the early '90's ('92 I think). I got home and put the new CD on and sat down for some critical listening. The new CD I bought was respectable, the rumbling of the gong on the opening track gave way to the instruments and all seemed in its place. But something was missing. Next, I put the MoFi CD on and played the first 5 minutes, just as I did with the new CD. What a difference!!! Not only was I more engaged in the music but the presentation was warm and the detail incredible! I'm not talking about a little bit of a difference either, this was a wholesale improvement! I was able to isolate single instruments in place and follow the musical "ques" in the music that were otherwise just in a "belnded background" with the new CD. Edge's voice as he read the poem had an authority to it with the MoFi, very chesty and natural. On the New CD, you just "heard the words" but couldn't get a mental image of the person speaking. I know these are very subjective observations but at its core, it is the essence of what we are in this hobby for. It also reminds me that most of the time, the greatest improvements in sound come not from the electronics but from the source material you feed it. At the end of the day, greed took a back seat. I have decided not to sell the MoFi because at this time it is simply irreplaceable!
What new remaster are you refering to?
If the Moody Blues remasters sound anything like the Time Traveler Compilation, then the MoFi cd's are much better. I have been a big fan of theirs since around 1968 and of course, have all of their recordings, but, unfortunately, the sound quality of their recordings has never measured up to their musical quality.
The new remastered CD I was referring to is "Days of Future Passed". These remasters were done in 1997 and I believe were released at the same time as "Time Traveler", which I also owned for a while. I was never impressed with the sound of that set. In fact, the sound of the remastered "Days.." reminds me a lot of the sound of the "Time Traveler" CD. I guess until they see fit to put it on SACD or DVD-A, the MoFi's are still the best set available. At least I am happy that MFSL released all of the Moody Blues' albums from "Days" through "Long Distance Voyager" - a much better representation from MoFi than any other musical group I think! On another note, a friend of mine is bringing over his Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs" CD and we're going to A/B that with the MoFi copy I have. If anyone's interested, I'll post my observations here later.
I agree that the Mo-Fi releases are the best issues of Moody Blues Music except for the following: DOFP is also released in DTS CD-incredible! Seventh Sojourn is also. The live concert in dts DVD is also incredible as is the Justin Hayward concert in ac3. Note that Octave and Blue Jays were not recorded by Mo-Fi directly. However, the West German imports (like the early Stones) were recorded by Mo-Fi and in fact sound just as good. (although they are aluminum discs. I have the set of cd's in both Mo-Fi and West German printings!
I saw them live in Orlando in '70. They segued from one song to the next for two hours, had a short break and did it again. What a show!
I really enjoy Mofi's "On the Threashold of a Dream". However, do you notice a slight flatness on the sound? I assume that this was done on the master tape (sounds like some compression). Happy Tunes!
Thanks, Madhy, I forgot about the DTS releases. Unfortunately, I don't have a system capable of playing back DTS but when I do, I'll definately check those out! You're right, Octave was never "officialy" released by MoFi. I'm not sure how to get hold of the West German copies though. Any thoughts? eBay perhaps?
Ebay under moody blues cd is probably the best shot. I've seen the Stones import cds on e-bay (they're not cheap either) but I haven't specifically looked for the Moodies since I already have them.
I've done several comparisons and, on occassion, newer remasters sound better than MoFi. Most of the time, I prefer MoFi.
Fatparrot, I think I know what you are referring to, esp. on "Melancholy Man". From a recording standpoint, "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" I think is the best sounding CD, esp. the opening track.