MoFi Ultradeck+M

It happened; just received a MoFi Ultradeck+M, set up was a breeze (cartridge was included), and then experienced what many have, played disc after disc, started with Dylan, ended with Keith Whitley.  Just fun.  Amazing experience, wonderful music (of course my LPs so I like them), and the beginning of many more hours digging (in more than one way) thru the collection.  This replaced a much older Music Hall 7.1, now in another system in another room.

Exactly what this hobby is all about.

Having fun and enjoying yourself.

Glad the new deck is working out for you, here too many tales of woe here so good to hear something positive.
The MoFi ultra is a great table. 

I had the opportunity to demo one in my system.

IMO, top of the heap with the tables it competes with. 
USA made,reasonable MSRP=win

Play the hell the out of the cart. When it 's time to replace it, consider a decent MC to replace it. I believe that, plugged into competent phonostage will REALLY show you what the fuss is all about.

Happy Listening!