Mofi TT or EAT?

Hello All,
So I have been posting some questions here and there regarding turntables. Been doing a lot of research (all the ususal suspects, rega, pro-ject, thorens, musical fidelity) and absorbing all the feedback that I have been getting.
I won’t being getting a table like in the next week or anything but hopefully it will be soon (possibly in a couple of months).A few other things that I need to work our in my setup first.

After going back and forth and reviewing and asking about many turntables and also looking at them at my local hi-fi audio stores, I think I am starting to narrow down to 2 brands and possible 2 models within those brands.
As a side note, I was perhaps still am also considering a Goldnote Valore 425 Plus but think I might bring that out of the picture but if anyone has any opinions on those, please let me know. (If you ask why the Goldnote, I will say I am always attracted to certain brands that are not that common but are good).

I think I am considering the Mofi Studio Deck with perhaps a Hana SL MC (never had a MC b4) and or a EAT B-Sharp (either stay with the 2M Blue that it comes with for a while or just upgrade in the beginning str8 to the Hana.
Now, of course I also have the Mofi Ultradeck in my sights with either the Mastertracker Cart or Hana and the EAT C-Major (would just stay with the MC Cart that it comes with).
The Ultradeck and C-Major definitely a bit above my range but I suppose I could wait a little longer and save up a few more pennies. I definitely want this to be a table that I keep for a while.
I know the Mofi are good tables and have also read good reviews on the EAT.
I love the look of the EAT’s, they are beautiful and will look awesome on the new white glossy media cabinet that we will be getting soon hopefully.
I know I know, don’t go on looks, look at performance but I am sure these are good tables, at least they seem to be.
Anyways, as always, wanted to get your thoughts.
Appreciate it.
By the way, one of the local dealers who has the Mofi and EAT tables stated he would spend his money on the Mofi.