Mofi Request Thread

I've meant to send Mofi an email for several months now suggesting they consider the self-titled release from Boston for remastering, while restraining myself from whining about the fact that the re-remasters of Rush' "Moving Pictures" and "Signals" are not out yet despite an estimated August street date.

What recordings would you like to see Mofi remaster?
Well, Moving Pictures and Signals would actually be second and third place. I would love to hear Hemispheres remastered.
I would love to see them sprinkle their pixie dust on Springsteen's last two titles: "The Rising" and "Magic" and Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black".

Maybe they can these great performances sound better.
licences for vinyl pressings are getting tougher to get. universal, wmg, and others are diving back into it with a vengence. as for requests...procol harum-salty dog...the yongbloods-earth stevens-new masters...moody blues-in search of the lost chord...spirit-the 12 dreams of..cliff richard-i'm nearly famous...oh and about 500 more......going after titles that the big boys aren't gonna touch, is the correct strategy for mo-fi