MOFI not shipping LPs according to purchase number.

I asked MOFI why I hadn’t seen the One Step Stevie Ray Vaughan shipment yet when there were so many for sale in the public already. I bought the very minute the notice arrived. I asked; Why wouldn’t you know the pressing number for each customer? If I’m customer 1000 in the ordering pool then I should receive # 1000. Otherwise what’s the point of first order first serve? Then you could give any number to even the first payee? If this is the case it’s not very fair for those who put up money first! Seems like US residents are getting theirs first?
They replied; As simple as it may sound it is an extremely difficult task. We can confirm your order is processing and will be shipping very soon.
So they never really answered me, just danced around the topic. Still haven’t seen a shipping notice and the pressing numbers are in the 3000 range already I see shipped and selling.
Anyone else getting sick and tired of MOFI’s crappy service? Same old repressing of the same albums. They keep pressing the same LPs over and over it makes having limited pressings worthless. MOFI is just a joke.
If you ordered as soon as you saw the announcement you may still be behind some other preorders.

If you order 2 copies you may or may not get consecutive serial numbers.

Just my experience and I have all of the one step releases
If they're that bad, why are you giving them your business? Vote with your wallet.
Been dealing with that for years........

I don't understand why it's that hard. I would assume in the case of Music Direct owning MFSL, that their allotted number would ship to them first, then ship them out in the way the customer's order was received. Now  Acoustic Sounds or Elusive Disc or other vendors wouldn't be able to promise their customers the same if they order in batches.

“If they're that bad, why are you giving them your business? Vote with your wallet”

I actually have been buying only select items like the One Step pressings only. Have all of them so I can say that I see a big difference from the very first ones to now. When I received Santana’s Abraxas it was a low number in the 600’s. This was the typical when ordering immediately until now. 
It’s like they just gave up and said you get whatever we feel like today. 
Years ago when music direct/MFSL was taking orders for the 45rpm Patricia Barber, they actually advertised get the lowest numbered pressings by ordering first.

I received one of them numbered something like "176, had to return it because of a defect. My new one was "76. There you go. That's when I quit believing in their word. Notice they don't advertise that way anymore.
MoFi doesn't have bad service, it has none at all .True on Turntables as well .
Music Direct sells them. MOFI sells them. Maybe both come from the same place, maybe they don't. Acoustic Sounds sells them and I'm pretty sure other retailers do also.

What kind of outfit can't control every retailer selling their merchandise so that every individual item is sold in sequential order? Sheesh.