MoFi - Are You Kidding Me?

I just opened a brand new 180gr 45 RPM release from MoFi and it has a frickin’ finger print on it?  Seriously.  I never have that kind of issue with Quality Records Pressings.
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You will. Its just a matter of time.
Are you friggin' fealin' me...just a finger print!?
The good news is you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding out who did it. 
that is not a big deal, and it is a big deal. hopefully no audible problem, but they just lowered their standing with you and anyone you talk to, with such a preventable issue.

I would tell them, give them a chance to tighten up their staff.
It's a special limited "fingerprint" edition.  You're lucky to have it!
You got the last copy, on a Friday.The handler was ready to bolt out the door, after a long shift. They realized "oh crap! I forgot one." Your copy was then put in the sleeve.
At least you didn't have mustard stains from their sandwich.
You guys are hilarious. OP freaking out over finger prints...i guess it must be a serious offense to justify a thread....LOL!

+1, @elliotbnewcombjr and @tablejockey.

geoffkait, LOL!

OP: Clean, Play, enjoy....

You will. Its just a matter of time

I don’t think so @millercarbon. If you watch any videos from QRP you will see that they wear gloves handling their pressings. They of course sell other labels and they are not liable for how those labels mistreat their product.


You have a wet cleaner?

Yes @bstatmeister, I have an Okki Nokki, but after a few hundred LPs of cleaning, and covering my ears, I decided to upgrade to an Audio Desk Systeme.

I actually think it is a big deal. We spend $50 of hard earned cash for a 180gr 45rpm LP, and it comes like that? I expect more. I am very choosy anymore of what LPs I purchase and where they come from.
Bring it to the FBI they can trays who the fingerprint belongs to.
"Waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup?""Why, the backstroke, sir"
I listen the first step lp of mofi i encountered no diference with it also i encountered hear mistracking with my turntable i understand i believed is the vinyl problem or defective with marvin gaye what’s going on album i compare to mofi 3 step and i can hear better than 1step lp,i don’t know have idea ????
Geez I thought that I cleaned that print off before I repackaged it.
If you autograph the sleeve, I'll give you $150 for "the fingerprint album."
In general MoFi pressing quality is slipping, most recent Dire Straits - Making Movies 45 rpm will go back, copy #2k
they should be better for $50
Just got S&G's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', limited edition. Flawless. Played my mint, rarely played original pressing, and it was no contest at all - MoFi all the way.

Sorry you had a problem, but my experience was excellent.