Moerch DP6 or UP 4


Could somebody explain to me the difference between the Moerch DP6 and the UP 4 tonearms.
What is different technically and sonically speaking?
What is the best match with a Verdier TT

I use the Gold 12" blue dot DP6 on my Verdier with a ZYX Universe & Clearaudio Insider Reference Wood & get excellent results.
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If you go to the Morch site, it will be explained. But basically the DP6 is a regular pivoted arm and the UP4 is a unipivot.
Do a search at Vinyl Asylum for a post by Fretless regarding both Moerch arms. He has a UP-4 and has listened to the DP-6 as well.

I have used a DP-6 with 12" red wand for nearly 3 years, and have been very pleased with it. It sounds very good and it is flexible with cartridge matching. Some people will not like the feel of the UP-4 since the unipivot causes it to flop around when you handle it. That doesn't necessarily affect the sound, but it can affect how you interact with the arm which is important for long term satisfaction. The DP-6 has a very solid feel.

I agree that the UP4 is a unipivot, but I don't know if I would call the DP6 a regular pivited arm. I would more describe it as a unipivot with horizontal stabilization. Take a look at the technical details at the Moerch site. They explain it far better than I can.

Yes, I have a DP6, and love it.

UP = unipivot
DP = dual pivot

all info at moerch website
Thanks a lot for your responses . Do you know what is the impact of UP or DP technologie on the sound ?

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to my knowledge there are some that prefer one over the other, with the UP-4 being most often characterized as "lively," and the DP-6 as "refined." of course one's own results would depend on system context and synergy. there is also a significant price differential if budget is a concern. personally, i am the happy owner of a DP-6, and would say it lacks nothing in the "liveliness" department.

perhaps sorasound (the audiogon dealer) could give you some input and perspective. he (mehran) answers emails promptly and is a friendly, communicative, and intelligent fellow.
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