Moerch DP-6 fit into the Nottingham Spacedeck?

Hi, thinking of getting a Moerch DP-6 for my current Nottingham Spacedeck which is now using a RB300. I believe the Moerch mount is smaller than the Rega so do I need to order a special mount for the Moerch?

Thanks in advance.
I believe you would need to change the setup, but phone the US distributor, Audiophile Systems and confirm what you need exactly. It could be you just need a new collet. I suggest you check out the Audio Origami PU7 arm too which can be custom made to work with Rega geometry. I have one a Space Deck and its very nice. I also had a Moerch DP6 but not on the same deck so I can't comment on the sonic differences between the two.