ModWroght Capacitors

From description of ModWright "36.5" pramp:

"Full complement of MWI Custom capacitors - designed by ModWright... Pure Teflon film/foil and oil-impregnated poly caps in power supply and signal path applications."

Does anyone knows anything about these, particualrly oil-impregnated poly caps, did anyone compare them with other oil capacitors in blind or any fashion?

Thank you.
Oil caps might give some improvement in the power supply. Teflon caps in the signal path is the real deal. I just replaced ALL the yellow REL-Caps in my Aesthetix line stage with film/foil Teflon caps made by Solen . One word, WOW!!!
OIMP capacitors are not to be confused with a typical "oil" capacitor. They have the speed, detail and articulation of a good poly film cap yet have the warmth and smoothness of an oil cap.

Being in the industry and the fact that I use both Dan's OIMP and Teflon capacitors in some of our products and/or modifications including being used exclusively throughout our EXtreme Acoustic Zen Adagio modification as well as being a ModWright dealer (no, we do not sell ModWright capacitors) I will not comment on their sonic character as it would only be viewed as bias.