Modwrights NEW KWA-100 Se Amplifier

After hearing Dans New Sony 5400 Mod I was so impressed I bought it still breaking in but excellent .He played me a prototype of the New SE 100 it is Much Much better in every facet to the The 100 which is no slouch.I ordered
the Se version and still have a solid 2 weeks before mine is shipped Dans webpage is a little vague, here is the
run down, the Superb hand wound Lundahl transformer from the U.K.
•40% increase in number of Mosfets 5 pairs per side now from 3 ,also •100% increase in main power supply capacitance per channel reserve to spare with 176,000 of capacitance
•Upgrade of key signal and power supply capacitors to Modwrights Metal foil oil custom capacitors.
•Upgrade of key signal path resistors to Takman Carbon Film resistors, far better resolution and a nice balance of warmth.Up the current bias and a few other tricks.
The result is better bass response, improved control and low-level detail and much better overall resolution.
Below is from Modwrights page.$3995, and all current models can be refitted for just the difference $700
140wpc 8ohms over 200 into 4 . Below is from Modwright .
The design the KWA 100 to meet a price point and offer the best possible performance for that price.
When our customers asked us what we could do without the target price limitations, the KWA 100SE was born!

Physical size and styling of KWA 100SE amp will be the same as the KWA 100. We will apply a SE badge to the front of the KWA 100SE units to set them apart.
I'm waiting to hear the new LS100 preamp. Bet it's a killer for the money!
I wonder how long till you get pounced on for hocking your gear as a dealer here in the forum?
I did hear the Ls 100 it is an abslute bargain for the $3k price point and will go toe to toe at even over $$4k models, what people don't realize is that Modwright being one of the best in the field with a degree which most others don't have he uses parts quality way better than anything up to 2x the cost which make a Big difference
of the final build Many of the big name brands have a fancier case and good quality parts in far less areas
I have done DIY projects and have seen 1st hand what goes into electronics.
to Cajunpepe I am a private user I have one stereo at home and that is it . I have allways offered others to come over and listen I have been an audiophile for over 30 years and I personally find as a DIY in the past the quality of part that go into a product are far more important than the brand or the case work.I have sold 1/2 my gear this year to better it this is what all Audiophiles strive for . All I am stating in my opinion
the KWA 100 SE is a superior product at the $4k range than
anything I have heard and I do listen to gear at shows and stores as I am a salesman for medical supply and get the opportunity to travel the globe .
I'd like to see the int. when that comes,thats goota be a sweet piece.
Hello Coffeey Srajan at 6moon is doing a follow up to the Modwright 100 that he just finished .n 3 weeks he will have the New SE model to evaluate and give his opinion.
I I jist ordered a Se unit for myself and will have it for the 20th .For this price point I am confident that from $5k and under this will rule. Modwrights says the now completed Se is even better than the proptotype of 2 weeks ago I will relay my finds as it breaks in with the Modwright caps 600 hours is what it takes to fully runin 1 month to be safe.
The 100 SE has exceeded my expectations . The inner detail is very good.The hall ambiance around the instruments and decay of instruments is spooky at times
the midrange has very good weight and slightly to the warm side which I would call natural.One thing I did notice is the voice floor is very low .When I listen to voices or flute for instances there is no grain in the structure of the instrument which is a cut way above it's price point .
The highs are well defined and crisp and well resolved.
The Bass is very tunefull and tight I never felt short changed with this amplifier . As of Feb 2011 due to
parts cost Dan said the ne price for the 100-SE will be
$4395.Which in my opinion is still a great buy for my brothers Sim amplifier or my freinds Bryston were not as involving and natural sounding to my ear, they did have a little more power , but their amps were over $1,000 more
and that was their only advantage .The parts quality are outstanding and far better than the competition.The custom Lundahl transformer is one of the best in the world ,Takman Carbon resistors ,and Modwright custom metal oil capacitors are a cut way above .I looked inside both of the amplifiers mentioned above to prove a point of comparison. The Se amp is close to 150 wpc into 8 ohms , and over 200 into 4 ohms..I go to a lot of Jaz concerts and base my music as to live or real. Your taste may be different But 6moons online did give it a Blue moon award ,because it is a cut above anything in the
$5,000 and under catagory.