ModWright vs. TRL mods

I have a ModWright Truth Signature mod Denon 3910 player that I have enjoyed for a few years. It has Bendix 6900 tubes for amplification and Mullard 5AR4 for rectification. Recently, ModWright came up with a power supply upgrade that is supposed to take this player to another level.

I also have a Marantz SA11S1 player that I use in my 2nd system. In its stock orm, this SA11 does not sound as good as the ModWright Denon 3910. However, I can send it to Tube Research Labs and have Paul mod this player too.

Has anyone compared the two players? I'd love to hear what you think. TIA.
I haven't compared the two players, but I have had TRL digital mods, pre amps, and amps. Send it to Paul, you won't regret it. You have a Dude right? Want more of the same? I thought so.

BTW - look up Audiogon member quackfat and get some nice wood knobs for the Dude. He made some for my preamp out of purple heart and made some nice rosewood side panels for my amp.
Yes, I have a Dude preamp and it is really nice. My Dude preamp is of silver color and it probably does not look good with wood knobs, I think.

Do you still have these TRL digital and analog gears?
I still have my TRL modified DAC and battery powered solid state preamp. I sold the D-225 solid state amp to another TRL family member. It was actually Brian Weitzel's amp and it was in a huge wafer like black chassis. Not like the chassis they are using today. The preamp will eventually go back to be upgraded to Dude status.

Where do you live? If it's feasible and you are interested I might be able to lend you the DAC so you could get some idea of the sound. In addition to their standard mods, this DAC was further modified by removing the op amps and adding a capacitor coupled output. It is lower voltage than most digital gear so an active preamp like the Dude is required.

FWIW - the right set of wooden knobs would look great on that silver chassis.