Modwright vs odysessy Extreme

Just bought a Odysessy Extreme secondhand and as luck/badluck would have it a secondhand kwa 150 has been offered to me. In Australia, both these amps are very rare. The modwright would be 3 times the price of the Odysessy. I have not received the Odysessy yet, but I can onsell it with no loss if needed. There is no chance for me to audition the Modwright.

My question is whether the Modwight is way superior to the Odysessy?
My preamp is a Gryphon Prelude and my speakers are Atc scm50.
Modwright, no contest.
Can you please provide more info? Have you actually heard both amps?
The Modwright is definitely worth the extra expenditure. Have heard both numreous times.
The Odyessy is a very good amp, the Modwright is an excellent amp. Both a great bargains in their price ranges.
Ditto to what Magnumpi205 said! The Modwright is cleaner, clearer, more detail and nuance yet very smooth and easy on the ears.
Which Odyssey amp?

I recently had an extended session with the Modwright KWA150SE and Odyssey Khartago Extreme SE stereo. Preamps were the Modwright LS-100 and Odyssey Tempest.

Whatever the combination, I always preferred the Khartago - with the Tempest AND LS-100 preamps.

The Khartago had more slam and transparency, the KWA150SE was a bit more relaxed and veiled ... in comparison, that is.

I felt the Modwright preamp was bloody good, though, and excellent value. Both the Odysseys are cheaper.

Oh, the amps were used to drive Magnepan MG1.6 speakers.

Just my ears, mind you ...
In my experience three is only one way to find out. Listen to both units in your own system pick the winner and sell the loser with minimal or no loss. I do it all the time and it is the ONLY way to make the right call.
The model is the Stratos Extreme.
While Edorr is right, Leicachamp did say in the beginning that it was not possible to audition the Modwright.

I haven't heard the Stratos, so can't say. In my system, I'd take the Khartago any day. In fact, I have taken two - now use the Khartago Extreme SE monoblocks!

There is no way the Modwright KWA150SE lacks transparency, sounds veiled, sounds relaxed, or lacks slam.

I just upgraded from the KWA150 and the SE version is incredible, probably one of the amps around regardless of price.

Has a combination of exceptional transparency, and reflects the pace of the can handle all sorts of music with an amazing sense of realism. Incredibly dynamic too.

In my view it needs to be fed a power cord that has good slam and decent weight, but there are lots of these around. It will show up the flaws of any weak links in a system.