Modwright Umbilical cords

I own a Modwright Marantz CD/SACD player with the stock umbilical.  Overall its a fine cord but like all things I'm wondering if improvements can be made. I'd be very interested in any feed back people may have on upgrading this cord. I know Modwright recommends the WyWires. Are there any others out there people might recommend? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Audio Magic's custom Liquid Air Illusion umbilical for Modwright (I'm using it between the modified Marantz SA8005 and PS 9.0 power supply) is the best umbilical cable I've heard. It is superior to both the "Truth" and Wywyres umbiical cables.
I had Pete from Triode build me a cryo-ed umbilical for my Modwright PH 9.0. From the first note, it sounded much better than the stock umbilical. Don't get me wrong, the stock one supplied was high quality.
Talk to Pete.

@cmach if you are interested, I can PM you my thoughts I sent to Pete after installing it.
Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for your input, its been greatly appreciated. I have the WyWires umbilical on order and we'll see how that works out. Looks like I will have to try the Audio Magic as well, thanks cellcbern.
Bigslacker please keep me posted on the TWL umbilical. Pete has built a great reputation.