Modwright Umbilical cords

I own a Modwright Marantz CD/SACD player with the stock umbilical. Overall its a fine cord but like all things I'm wondering if improvements can be made. I'd be very interested in any feed back people may have on upgrading this cord. I know Modwright recommends the WyWires. Are there any others out there people might recommend? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

PS  Sorry for the cross post as this subject is under the Digital forum as well. Wasn't sure which forum is correct for this  question.
I owned all the umbilical cables mentioned and a few others; Cerious Technologies was much better and imagine the Matrix version is even better...

These were used on both MW Sony 5400 and MW SA8005.


I have a 4' Revelation Audio "Cryo Silver Reference" Cable that will do the trick. I obtained this from Dan Wright a few years ago.
It DEFINITELY was an upgrade to the stock cord.
I'm asking $95, shipping/insurance included

Paul Galli
Hi eichlerera
I ended up with the WyWires umbilical. A very nice improvement over both the stock Modwright cord and the Revelation Audio cord, which I also had.