Modwright Umbilical cords

I own a Modwright Marantz CD/SACD player with the stock umbilical. Overall its a fine cord but like all things I'm wondering if improvements can be made. I'd be very interested in any feed back people may have on upgrading this cord. I know Modwright recommends the WyWires. Are there any others out there people might recommend? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Can't speak directly on the umbilical cord as I don’t have either but have spoken to Dan on upgrading my LS36.5 to the DM and he clearly says the WyWires is an upgrade. When I purchased my LS36.5 from Dan directly he did praise WyWires which Im glad he did. What I can say for WyWires is they sound natural, full, open and do not draw attention to themselves; you just forget they are there. My previous cables were all silver and they were great cables but after changing out to WyWires I discovered they drew too much attention to themselves and although they did everything well, they were missing body and space. My previous power cords were another brand but same thing when I went to WyWires. Alex of WyWires is more than willing to chat and will steer you straight... not full of BS and does not over-sale. He’ll probably take your stock cord in on trade as well... probably just giving it back to Dan.
I think Revelation Audio Labs still makes one.  That's the one I used and it sounded great.  YMMV.
Audio Magic's custom Liquid Air Illusion umbilical for Modwright (I'm using it between the modified Marantz SA8005 and PS 9.0 power supply) is the best Modwright umbilical I've heard.  It is superior to both the "Truth" and Wywyres umbiical cables. 
I owned all the umbilical cables mentioned and a few others; Cerious Technologies was much better and imagine the Matrix version is even better...

These were used on both MW Sony 5400 and MW SA8005.


I have a 4' Revelation Audio "Cryo Silver Reference" Cable that will do the trick. I obtained this from Dan Wright a few years ago.
It DEFINITELY was an upgrade to the stock cord.
I'm asking $95, shipping/insurance included

Paul Galli
Hi eichlerera
I ended up with the WyWires umbilical. A very nice improvement over both the stock Modwright cord and the Revelation Audio cord, which I also had.