Modwright Transporter vs ModSqueezebox w/ PS????

I am wondering if anyone has compared the Modwright Transporter with the Bolder modded Squeezebox with his Ultimate Power supply?

The Modwright TP is clearly better but by how much? And is the Squeezebox and Ultimate Power supply excellent in its own right? Would plan to run the SB to a tube DAC.


I had a Squeezebox with the Bolder Power Supply before the Ultimate PS was available. IMHO the stock Transporter sounded better in my system. I now own a Modwright Transporter and it is the best sounding digital front end I have owned. I do not want to bash any of the great CD players I have owned but the MWTP is head and shoulders above them. You might be able to find a stand alone DAC that sounds great in your system that might be a good match with the SB3 as well. I think you need to try it in your system. I was lucky enough to hear a MWTP before I bought it so I knew what I was getting before I made the purchase. We did a comparison between the MWTP, a Theta Gen VIII DAC fed by a Transporter and an SB2 with the Bolder Ultimate Power Supply. The owner of the SB2/Ultimate PS sold it and bought the MWTP as well. The owner of the Theta Gen VIII stuck with his unit. 6 months later and I have no regrets.
Good Luck in your search.
If you plan to use a DAC, I question whether the Transporter is worth the price difference, unless you need 24/96 capability. If you want to use the analog outs, the anecdotal evidence indicates the the TP would clearly be the better choice, the Modwright especially. Most who own the Modwright Transporter hold it in the same esteem that Joey54 does. I use a Bolder modded SB3 because I have a DAC that I like and the smaller footprint works better in my system. For my uses, I am very happy with it.
I had an interesting experience with my MW TP and an unmodified SB3 running to a Theta Va DAC. I was listening on a system I was completely unfamiliar with (aside from my MW TP) consisting of some nicely resolving gear. I was surprised at how similar the Theta DAC was to my modded TP. It proves that good design is always good design.