Modwright SWP 9.0se, Anyone heard it?

Has anyone had the chance to listen to, or purchase the Modwright phonostage yet?
Its a very quiet phono stage with high gain. Very good with LOMC. Best tube rolled with RCA 6CG7 clear tops.
I have it in the SWLP. It's the linestage that includes the SWP and is exactly the same. I couldn't be happier. I can only say it totally outclasses the Whest I had before, and the Acoustech before that. Dead quiet, very resolving, tonally rich.. Just a solid preamp in every way.
I have an SWP9.0SE stand-alone phono stage. I replaced an Eastern Electric Minimax Phono with the Modwright. I am running a Dynavector XX-2 Mk. II and the SWP is very quiet with plenty of gain for this low output MC cartridge. It sounds GREAT! I did replace the stock Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier tube with a NOS 60's Matsushita and it sounds even better.
BTW, the standalone SWP phonostage is much more dynamic than the SWLP full function preamp. They share the same set of tubes, with the 5687 in the SWLP driving the line stage only.

Forgot to mention which tubes to roll:

5687 - best I've found is the 7119, couldn't find the 7044 or the very expensive 6XXX. The 7119 gives it a sense of presence and 3D that is very rare.

6N1P - Dan suggested the 6CG7/6FQ7 and the best I've tried in the amp is the clear top RCAs. Some may like the black plate variety, but IMO the clear tops are nicer/musical.

6C45 - these are enclosed in the tube cooler and screwed down, so I didn't experiment rolling them.

GZ34 - rolled the stock Sovtek for a Mullard GZ30 brown base, extraordinarily good. Look for GZ32/34. The other types 5AR4/5U4 can be used, but they bulge out and you won't be able to close the outter cover.

One thing about this amp - the chasis needs to be damped if you try the 7119, else you will get microphonics. I'm using the AudioMagic Noise Disruptor (L) on the cover to good effect. I'm also using Feet of Silence for the footers, although you could also try the Nordost Ti Pulsar points. YMMV.
"BTW, the standalone SWP phonostage is much more dynamic than the SWLP full function preamp."

That is interesting info. Perhaps the power supply in the combined unit is not up to the task?
With the SWP, the entire set of amplification drives the phonostage only. On the SWLP (full function preamp), the 5687 tube is in the line section, while the 6N1P and the 6C45 are in the phono section. This has nothing to do with the power supply, just the way it was designed.

I suppose if you want more details, just send a mail to Dan.