Modwright SWL9.0SE/CI Audio D200

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who is using this combo. Please post your comments about sonic characterisitcs, and include the make and model of speakers and source you are using.

Thanks in advance.
I am using this exact combination to drive my Tubulous speakers at CES 2006 (Room AP 1655). Gingko Audio is sharing the room with Channel Island Audio and ModWright and we will use as sources the ModWright Universal Truth modded Denon 2900 universal player and a VPI Scoutmaster. We tried many other amplification combinations but this one is really magical.
The ModWright pre has clear, sparkling sound with rich harmonics and the D-200 monos pack a punch. The overall sound is detailed and smooth top to bottom, very musical and engaging. I can literally listen to it for hours, drawn in to the musical performances, from rock to classical, small group to full orchestra.
We invite all to stop by our room at CES to hear it for yourself.
Vinh Vu
Vinh, thank you.
I'd love to try this combination myself. It sounds really good. I'm using the Modwright with McCormack DNA 1 RevA Gold. Not that I'm not happy, but the enthusiasm people I trust have over this combination... it's like they're droping a dime bag in front of me. The 10% gamble has me frozen looking for more reviews like you, Tvad. Maybe we can work something out.. You buy them and if you don't keep them, sell to me minus 5% if you leave me enough time to send back to CI.
Maybe we can work something out.. You buy them and if you don't keep them, sell to me minus 5% if you leave me enough time to send back to CI.

Ha! You first.

I have posted about this combo a few times, both here and at AC and AA, as I too have been using this combination with a Consonance Droplet CD player and Gallo Ref III speakers (with Gallo SA amp and Bright Star stands.)

Agree with Vinh (to whom I would always defer) that the combination is a delightful combination of the desired Audiophile goodies, but moreover, exceptionally musical and engaging.

I am using the Cryo'ed Tung Sol 5687s, with AC and slipstream Bybees, with Dan's most recent upgrades, including the vibration isolation update.

I have owned so many pieces of gear in over 30-years, but this is the first time I can profess satisfaction.

Take a good look at the amps Freejazz used to own here:

The list is long and distinguished...
Freejazz, what amp were you using prior to the D200?
I had been using the CIA D-100s before the D-200s. I was using a Sonic Euphoria PLC before the ModWright.

Over the years, I have used the following tube amps ... not a complete listing, but what I could readily recall:

Dynaco ST-70
Berning EA-230
Berning EA-2100
Marantz 8B
Audio Research D-70
Audio Research D-79
EAR 509 monos
Jadis Defy 7
Wolcott Presence Mono-blocs
Joule Electra Marquis
Wavelength Cardinals
Berning microZOTL
Wright WPA3.5
Fi 300B
Fi X integrated
Korneff Type 45 mono
Korneff 45/76 integrated
Trimax monos
Transcendent OTLs

Solid State included:

Audionics CC-2
Adcom GFA-555 and 535
Levinson ML-1
Bryston 4b
B&K 140
Amber 7
Classe DR-9
Muse 150
Pass Aleph 3
Naim 140 and 250
McCormick DNA-1
Bel Canto Evo2
Sim I-5 RAM Modded

As noted, there were more ... and yes, it was a sickness.
Um...Freejazz, based on your amplifier history and proclivity for change, I hope you'll understand if I continue to solicit more opinions...perhaps from members of a certified 12 Step program. No offense intended. :)


What did you think of the Sonic Euphoria? I am considering buying one. How did you like it with the CIA amps?
No offense taken, but hey, it was over 30 years! ;>)

On the bright side, no one could accuse me of being a shill for a particular manufacturer!

One of the problems was 21 moves in that time ... and to think, we weren't on the run from the law or in the witness protection program.
I really liked the Sonic Euphoria. I have owned a few passives in the past, but no other transformer/autoformer-based units. It was really quite nice.

The ModWright (for my tastes) was a better mate with the CIA amps - a bit better bass and better portrayal of soundstaging, but the Sonic Euphoria was the best of the passives that I had heard.
Freejazz, thanks for your opinion, Tvad, chill out baby, ya got a 30 day trial, right? BTW, I am worse than Freejazz, and now me thinks you don't like my opinion either.........wah wah me.
Freejazz, I have contacted CI Audio, and I will audition the D200 monos in early January. Thanks for your input here.

Let us know whatcha think, buddy....Happy Holidays

Good luck! I hope you find them as enjoyable as have I.

We will be looking foward toward your report.

Best of all in the New Year!