Modwright SWL 9 SE vs Audible Illusions L1

I am wondering how is the Modwright SWL 9 SE compared to Audible Illusions L1. Both of them are highly praised. I see comments that the Modwright is not "tubey". Do you think it is an upgrade to move from AI L1 to Modwright? I am looking for a preamp with a remote.
I've owned both.In my system the Modwright out performed the AI.At its price point the Mod is very attractive.
Depending on your budget you may also want to consider the Aesthetix Calypso,Audio Horizons and the Dodd battery powered pre.
Thanks Markwatkiss. But do you find it not "tubey"? I used 2 SS preamp before (Adcom and Rotel), and I don't like them until the AI, I am much happier. Does the Modwright sounds like SS? I enjoy listen to female vocal and instruments (guitar, violin, cello, sax). So, more on lower mid to mid-high range. The SS I tried sound harsh on mid-high range.
I will also research on others you suggested, I have never heard of them.
Well using Adcom and Rotel would explain why SS didn't work for you.The Mod,in no way sounds like solid state,kinda like suggesting this red wine tastes like that white wine.Your decision to research other products is a wise move.