ModWright SWL 9.0SE or TAD-150 signature?

Has anyone had a chance to compare these two pres. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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First post here.

I'd like to hear a comparison as well, unfortunately I seriously doubt anyone has compared these two pre's together. Both have garnered excellent reviews but I'd wager the Modwright is a smidgen more transparent... and it should be considering it's 3x the price of the TAD. I say this from looking at the internal build quality of both units. While the TAD is built to a very high standard, looking under the hood of the Modwright is damn impressive!

With that said, I'll be ordering the TAD soon simply because of the value it represents... build quality, excellent linestage, phono and remote. I've spoken to several people who have purchased the TAD-150 Signature, all of them extremely happy with the sonics of their new preamps, and some of them very experienced audiophiles.