Modwright Sony ES9000 vs. Lector 7P

Looks like this is my short list for a CD player upgrade in the $3000 range constraint. Any thoughts?

I already own the unmodified ES9000 and would go for the full Absolute truth mod if that's the direction I select.

Thanks in advance.
I haven't heard the Modwright Sony 9000ES but I own the Modwright Platinum Sig. Truth Sony 999ES and had the Lector CDP7T in on a loan for a couple of weeks.
The Sony is more neutral and extended in frequency response on both ends. The Lector is harmonically richer but rolls off the highs quite a lot IMHO. It also requires substantial isolation to keep the upper bass, lower midrange from being flabby.
A recent review of the Lector seems indicate it needs high power amplifcation down the chain to sound its best which seems odd but an observation nevertheless: think it was Absolute Sound
I own a Lector player and I can attest to it's wonderful sound. In it's stock form it handily beats the MSB reference cd station III. I had both on hand and the Lector is definitely more musical and involving. It is the most analog sounding player I've auditioned. If you do a bit of tube rolling it can move to a whole new level. I do not use the stock tubes as the tubes I selected change the Lector from a very good sounding player to an amazing musical performance.
I do have the SonyModwright 9000es, this Cdp is a full
sounding unit, with excellent harmonic texture,this one
is way better than the 999es,I heard both of them in
many occasion,Dan has BonMod that is a clone of my
player.This player is also very musical, I listen many
hours on this cdp, its unfatiguing.Good Luck.
Which tubes are you using? Highly interested as a CDP7 owner. Thanks.

Owner of the Lector myself - and done som tube rolling:

I've now tried with Siemens NOS as well as RFT NOS (former eastern Germany I quess) and the original CVC Chelmer valves.
The RFT tubes are best in my system, giving more precise bass as well as natural imaging. Detailed without beeing edgy.

Mullards are next on the list :-)