Modwright Sony 999ES: Impressions of Modifications

Have a new Sony 999ES I'm sending to Dan at Modwright. Considering spending $1750 for the Signature Truth Platinum Level mod.
Any of you out there have any experience with Platinum, Gold, Silver or Basic Signature Truth mods and can comment on your player's performance? I realize ultimately that synergy from system to system will vary the performance. Just looking for a little descriptive info. Currently using the Jolida JD 100. Thanks
I spent several hours comparing my cousin's Signature Truth (tubes & spearate power supply) 999ES with his early model Cary CD. We both agreed the modded Sony sounded better, with a deeper soundstage. The rest of the system was Cary analog with Innersound speakers. I don't know about the Jolida JD 100, but I suspect you will be pleased with the modded 999ES. One thing to understand is that big companies such as Sony and Panasonic have engineering and economy of scale on their side, even though they may cut corners on component selection for mass production. Those cuts that can be remedied by a modder if the platfform is sound.

I think I'll send my 9000ES off to Modwright for the mod just below the level that adds tubes and power supply. I use the DAC in my Proceed processor (PDSD) for CD, but must rely on the Sony DAC for SACD. My experience with Sony's analog output for CD suggests its DAC process is inferior to the DAC process of Proceed, as well it ought to be given the large MSRP differential.

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Yes, Tvad I've searched the forums and read everything but there isn't much specific information on the performance of the different levels of mods. Just trying to drill down on more specific experience with the mods. the range in price from 1150 to 1750 is significant.
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I purchased the Sony 999ES from Dan with his platinum mod which included tubes and a separate power supply. I was very happy with his mod. Then he announced a clock upgrade and bybee filters. I sent the unit back to him again and the unit sounds even better. I am very pleased with the performance of the unit and I believe for the money spent I truly have a state of the art player. Now is it as good as $20,000 worth of SACD and DAC from Ed Meitner? I would doubt it, but I have spent a total of about $3500.00 with Dan of Modwright and I couldn't be happier. By the way, the reason I took the plunge with Dan is because of all the good reviews from the people on this site.
I have the Sony999/Modwright with all of the goodies and I really like it. I have owned all of the Cary players,and in home auditioned Arcams and the BAT cdps and the Modwright bests them all! It has the detail and dynamics of the Cary's and the musicality of the BAT. Dan is also nothing short of excellent to work with. Highly recommended.