Modwright -Sony 5400 -week 4 Runin

Hello to all who have the Stock Sony xa-5400 sacd player .The Modwright Ultimate cdp I now have 450 hours on is stil getting better ,but now not as dramatic .This week even at the 400 hours mark the sound went bright for a 12 hours period .The front to back layering compared to last week has much more depth as well as soundstage size well over the boundaries of the speakers .I have heard the EMM labs as well as the playback design mp5 player,.I brought my Sony to a Audio get together all with the same respective equipment and there was not a clear winner, the Playback design has it's own special software and has exceptional
inner detail as well the Emm labs is very good and perhaps a little better than the Modwright Sony in that dept ,But the Modwright Sony has a seperate OTL power supply which has a lot to do with the outstanding control and articulation of the Bass which bettered both of the other players including a brief with the Esoteric o3-SE also the Sonys analog section is now 6as7 Vacuum tube based and the soundstage and front to back layering take a back seat to no one. I should mention I put Vintage Mullard 5ar4 Vacuum tubes in their as well as Sylvania 6as7s which are far better than the stock tubes .also I have the optional Nichicon Gold caps for the Power supply and Bybee purifiers , for an investment of less than $3700 to be in the same league as any player under $15k is a solid investment and testament to what can be done when most of the moneys go into the parts and not markup for the dealers !! p.s I will do a follow up in 30 days .
Hello to all I would like to make a correction the tubes
on the player end are 6sn7 Sylvania yellow label chrome domes , and Mullard steel ring 5ar4 for the power supply
which is over 10 lbs for those who would like to know specifics, also the tone of this cd player is excellent .
MY buudy has a $5k Ayon that has won a few awards
and it is not even close Dan hit this one out of the park
I have no disire to have a turntable when my player gives all the body and tonality I have been missing with my
Accustic arts 2 transport and dac that was over $13k
my Modwright Sony 5400 beats in every dept as all that have come over can attest to and it still have at least another 100 hours to finish refining.As they say what's under the hood that counts most. ONce my New amplifier comes in I would be happy to have audiophiles from the N.E
come over to hear it - Next month.
Hi Audioman58

You promised a follow-up in 30 days! Can you please update on your experience with the modifications?