ModWright Products

Searching for a new amp and came across the ModWright KWA 99 monoblocks. I have no experience with the brand except to read generally good comments here and that Dan is a nice guy. I also saw a reference to the ModWright "sound" (groan). Can anyone speak to this, or does anyone have experience with these particular amps. And what speakers have owners found to pair well with ModWright products.  

I’m also finding their Analog Bridge attractive if there is anything on that. Thanks in advance.

Current setup is a Pass amp to AR pre with an Auralic/Aurender front end to ATC (which I also hope to replace soon). I swore I’d never give up the Pass but I think it’s a limit to my listening pleasure after 7 years. I'm mostly a rock listener but mix things up sometimes with jazz or acoustic stuff.


I have the Tryst headphone amp and love it. Dan is good people too. I know it's not what you asked but another data point.

My only experience is with the older Modwright upgrades, which were all very positive. Had a Transporter way back in the day that gave years of enjoyment. Later had an Oppo 95 which was also great. 

Never tried the amps but I can imagine they are well done based on what I've seen from Dan's upgrade packages. If there's a "house sound" I would call it smooth and natural. Detail is really good but not in your face, and everything just seems believable instead of artificial (which is how the Oppo sort of sounded prior to upgrades). 

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