ModWright Panasonic DVD Player Mods

I am currently using a Panosonic DVD-525 for CD and DVD playback and the DAC really isn't cutting it. I ran it with a friend's external DAC a couple of weeks ago and the sound was an incredible improvment.

I am waiting for the release of audiphile grade universal CD, DVD, DVD Audio, SACD players, but my sense is that this is at least a couple of years off. I am considering going with the ModWright mods for transport and DAC to extend it's lifespan. I am also waiting for the Sunfire Theater Grand III to become available and at the moment I am using the Panoasonic as a stand alone unit, but once I get the Sunfire, I will be using it's DAC, so I don't think I want to invest in an external DAC right now.

Has anyone tried these mods? Does anyone have any thoughts as to the effectiveness of this approach?
I have had Dan Modify my Sony SACD 333es and the results were nothing short of miraculous. I wouldn't hesitate. It was the best money I ever spent on Audio.
D'Oh! Sorry late night, I meant Pioneer DVD-525!
Stan Warren will also mod the Pioneer. Great player with his mods.