Modwright or Wells

down to 2 SS amps: KWA 150SE or Inamorata? Share your opinions/experiences to help sway me one way or the other. My system currently uses a LS100 pre, Burson Conductor DAC, Lumin D1 streamer, VPI Classic 2 table. Thanks. 
lol, I left my speakers out purposely because they are of my own design. I am using the GR Research 2/12 H frame with my own DIY on top. 6 inch/1 inch satori open baffle
Jimbones--sent you a PM.
ok so I purchased a Wells. I'll post results after getting it.
Loving the Wells but I should warn that it is a very ballsy amp meaning that it is not that type of pristine neutral sterile sound. This amp has character which some might describe as colored. I find it warm and powerful and it grabs you. It was an upgrade from the KWA 100SE for me.
Agree the Majestic is on the warm side. I didnt like mine at first but the longer I’ve owned it the more I like it. Morrow cables helped.