Modwright Oppo BDP-95 Solid State Mod versus NAD M51 with stock Oppo as transport...

I am thinking about upgrading my digital front end and I'm looking for advice from folks who may have heard an Oppo BDP-95 with Modwright's solid state mod as compared to the NAD M51.

I am pretty happy with the Oppo - it is well broken in and I'm powering it with a Shunyata Anaconda CX which really boosts the performance of the stock player.  I'm also using superb quality ICs from the Oppo to my Modwright SWL9.0SE preamp.  I am getting a very good 3D soundstage with lots of detail and not too much edge.  But my research tells me I could probably do better by either upgrading the Oppo or replacing it with the NAD M51.

I simply don't have the space for Modwright's well reviewed tube mod so I would have to do their 2-channel solid state mod - probably with the Bybee rails and Pulse Gen ZX.  My main concern with doing the SS mod is the absence of decent reviews, and so I worry I may not like the results for some reason.  And once the mod is done, it's done.

If I went the NAD route, I would use the Oppo as a transport to the NAD via HDMI so I could continue spinning my collection of SACDs.  I would move the power cable and ICs over to the NAD, put a decent $200 power cable on the Oppo, and splurge for a decent HDMI cable to go from the Oppo to the NAD.  I figure I could do all this for around the same price as the Oppo mod.

So what would be the advice of those in the know?  Any good advice would be appreciated.

I have a M51 with an OPPO 103d and it is a killer combo.... Im sure the ModWright is a nice machine but the M51 is a lot of DAC for the money.   I would be more inclined to spend money elsewhere than on upgrading a BluRay or CD player,  anything that spins a disc is subject to failure eventually so I consider them a "consumable" product.   That' s why the 103 was a no brainer for me, I already had the M51 and for $600 the OPPO is a great player.....and if it dies in a few years its probably time for a new machine anyway
Thanks for the response.  That's a good point - mechanical components are likely to fail well before electronics.
I'm curious how you would characterize the sound/performance of your M51 - especially the sound-stage.  Naturally, I prefer totally neutrality, but I'm generally OK if a component is a tiny bit on either side of neutral so long as the sound-stage - the overall width, height and depth with proper separation and placement of instruments and vocals within the 3D space - is truly spectacular.  Would you say your Oppo/M51 combo meets this criteria?  I assume you're going HDMI from your Oppo to your M51.
I'm using a pair of Revel M106 and the M51 is the hub of my system..... the sound is big, and dynamic.  The sound extends well beyond the speakers and sounds incredibly lifelike....

Im not great at reviews but the m51 is definitely the best sounding source I've ever owned
I have it connected via HDMI and coax, sounds great with either.