Modwright Oppo 95 or 105

I know the 105 is the latest and greatest player from Oppo. On the used market the Modwight 105 is bringing around 2500.00. I can pick up a Modwright 95 for about 1700.00. For a savings of around 800.00 would you purchase the 95 instead of the 105? For a matter of comparison both would be rated 8 or 9 out of 10 for condition.

I have owned the Oppo 95. Do not know any thing about the Modwight up grade path. But the  95 vs the 105, the 95 has a fan cooling it that a lot of people complained about the noise when it came on. My 95 fan did not come  until maybe the 3rd  SACD/CD in a row was played or a long movie in the summer time heat. The fan noise for me was not a big deal i only heard it when i was right on top of the unit. The Oppo 105  does not have a fan and got some type of chip up grade or dac upgrade. But on the audio side it was not enough to make me step up to it. On the video side the upgrade was a bigger step up from the 95 Oppo. I would contact Modwight and ask them what they feel the difference is between the 2 are with their upgrades. I also found that using the XLR outs on the 95 sounded better than the RCAs or HDMI  outs The Oppos are great units in their price range.
enjoy Pete

95 plays SACD iso files. 105 doesn't. 95 is also cheaper than 105.
105D besides all the video upgrade stuff plays DSD via USB. Standard 105 & 95 don't. If DSD matters to you...105D. Cheers,
If the difference between the two is just that, I personally would go for a 105D Modwright and be done with it. All the reviews I've read clearly states it out performs many others at a higher cost.