Modwright Oppo 105

I received my Modwright Oppo 105 today. It sounds good, but is relatively lean - and not very extended - in the bass. The sound overall is missing a fullness and organic quality that I associate with tubes as well. I have been using an Exemplar modified Denon 3910 for years, and so far I prefer it. Naturally, I am quite surprised and disappointed so far. I will be patient and put more hours on it, of course. I am very familiar with "break-in." Dan burned it in for 72 hours or more, but I have only put another 5 hours or so on it so far.

Has anyone else had this reaction/experience? Maybe it is the Electro-Harmonix tubes, and I need to try something else? I am also wondering about Dan's use of silver wiring. Thanks for any thoughts you have.

Jwm and Rfogel8: just wondering if you have any thoughts about tube favorites with the 105. I'd like to begin experimenting a little bit, but I'm not sure where to start; I'm not sure if favorites with the 95 necessarily apply to the 105.

This player has my pretty excited. I was dreading the possibility of setting up a computer audio system as I am no good with computers. If this player is as good as everyone is saying then I will probably purchase one. I am just waiting for one to show up used on the gon. because a brand new one is out of the budget, Kent
Kedoads...You won't find one on this site for much less of a new one...These Oppo units tend to hold their value...I sold my 93 to get the 105 and got my money back over the few years I owned it...So far the 105 is worth the $$$ curiosity is going to the next level with the upgraded mods since Oppo provides that allowance of a really good base unit to be expanded if desired..
Jfz, Lately I've been using RCA red base 5692's. They're oldies and hard to find ones that aren't microphonic but they last upwards of 10,000 hours and really sound sweet.

One of my all time favorites is the black glass Tung Sol 6SN7 from the 40's. They're quite expensive and also hard to find ones that are quiet and measure well.

A sleeper that JWM and I both like is the GE coin base 6SN7. I use a couple of them in my Atma-Sphere MA-1's and really like them a lot. Last time I was at JWM's, he was using them in his MW/Oppo 105.

By the way, I'm still enjoying the Modwright/Sony 5400 while JWM has gone from the MW/5400 to the MW/Oppo 95 and more recently the MW/Oppo 105. I always preferred the MW/Sony over the MW/Oppo 95 but have yet to compare my MW/Sony to JWM's MW/105. I suspect the MW/105 is a nice improvement over the MW/95 which I found to be less open, transparent and detailed than the MW/Sony.

As for the rectifier, I've been using a Mullard/Blackburn GZ34/5AR4 which I'm quite happy with. I also have a Philips/Holland for back up; another really nice tube.