Modwright Mods Sony or Denon

Just wondering if anybody has heard a head to head with a Modwright Sony 999es v. Modwright Denon 2900/3910. I currently own the Sony 999es and was seriuosly thinking about the mod he does on this unit. I do not have any experience with the DVD-A format which is the only extra format that the Denon would offer and I am not much into multi ch SACD, so basically I am looking for the best option for redbook, 2 ch SACD, and DVD video.

I have not heard a head to head but I get the impression that Dan's best player to date is the new Denon 3910. His favorite was the 5900 but he does not mod it any more. You cant lose with modding the 999es which i am sure is a good player. Send him an email and ask him for his frank opinion.
The law of diminishing returns kicks in bigtime in this situation. I recently heard a Modwright Sony 999ES in my system with my APL Denon 3910. They were two different flavors, but the Modwright was a terrific player. Since Dan has a "house sound" I would think the differences between the Sony 999ES and Denon 3910 might be subtle, and you could be better off spending your upgrade dollars elsewhere. The Modwright Sony 999ES is an excellent machine, and should be easy to live with for quite some time. If you're looking for a different sound, you might need to look at another player or another modifier.
I have not heard the SonyModwright999es,most of the
owners are very happy,Since you already own the Sony
999es, its very practical to talk to Dan, and discuss
it to Him,the price of Dan is very reasonable, I think.
I do own the SonyModwright9000es,which is superb and
very musical.Have you read the thread of AVguru on the
DV50, this thread will give you a lot of information,
about your 999es.I agree maybe the difference, between
the 3910 and 999es Modwright is only subtle,the best
way to know this talk to Dan.Good Luck.
There's not many DVD/A discs out there anyway. My Denon seems to "choke" on some of the titles. Surprisingly, if you do want dvd/a's, I found that Mediaplay has the best selection and prices-wow was I surprised.

By the way, does he mod the denon 2200/2300? It is much cheaper than the 2900 and might even sound better? Did you check out for mods?
I think Tvad is correct. At a certain point it just becomes different flavors and what we prefer.

For what it's worth, Dan Wright told me that he anticipates his fully modded Denon 3910 will have a slightly fuller and warmer sound than his fully modded Sony 999ES.

From there we're left to choose which we believe will suit us better.
Gunbei and Tvad in choosing CDP we also have to
consider the price.Like Robert Harley said in
His book, if you do your homework, you dont need
to spend a lot, to have good a good system.I do
agree we all our preference.Happy Listening
thanks for all the input, I think talking to Dan Wright would be a smart move on my part, althought I am leaning toward modding my Sony. I think the APL mod would be nice but the "law of diminishing returns" kind of comes into play on that one. One thing I have noticed with my Sony that is a big difference over my old Pioneer DV-47ai is that with SACD the music is much more relaxed, I dont know if it was the tequila or just me but the music almost seemed to slow down. I am a "new guy" to the audio world and this kind of amazed me.