Modwright LS36.5 tubes

Alright I have found my ideal preamp.

I went over to see James at Whest Audio to talk about getting another MC REF V MK4 phonostage for my second system.
He has just got an MW LS36.5 for his office system and is pretty much enjoying it through his ATC SCM100ASLs active speakers (which I also use).

The sound is quite simply STUNNING using both the smaller PS.30RDT Special Edition and bigger MC REF V MK4 phonostages.

I couldn't fault the sound at all SO have decided on getting on of these preamps.

I have read that changing tubes here makes quite a difference. Anyone here using non-stock tubes in their LS36.5? If so what tubes and what improvements can be had.

Thanks a million
I think the general recommendation is the Mullard 5AR4 for the rectifier tube and the 6H30DR as the input tubes. If you can't afford the 6H30DR tubes, I think the Electro-Harmonix 6H30 is preferable to the Sovtek 6H30.

There's a whole thread on tube rolling in Modwright's AudioCircle forum.
Thank you. I'll check that out

I have really liked my 36.5...I chose it over a number of well known units. Agree on the Mullard 5AR4. I have been pleased with just it in the unit with the stock 6H30s.
There is not a big difference between the Sovtek and the Electro-Harmonix. The Electro-Harmonix is ever so slightly smoother and sweeter than the Sovtek, but the difference was negligible in the Dodd Buffer Preamp that I had in my system for a little while. The Dodd is very, very transparent, and if the difference with the Dodd was so small, I can imagine that with the Modwright you would have a similar outcome.

Both the Sovtek and EH 6H30 are quite good, so my opinion is aligned with Teeshot's regarding the stock 6H30, which is almost certainly a Sovtek.

Having said that:

I agree with the general sentiment expressed on the thread that the Reflektor 6H30-DR tubes are a significant step up over the lesser Sovtek and EH tubes, but they are also at least 3x the price. It looks like PartsConnexion sells them for about $100 each. Do a search for 6H30 on the PartsConnexion site and you should see them listed. I think you can get matched pairs too for a bit more money.
Viktor at BAT is on record saying the new 6H30-DR's are not in the same league as the old ones. Like most other tubes.
Well I got to hear an LS36.5 with newer Reflektor DRs. The guy was also kind enough to bring it around to my house and I borrowed James' stock 36.5. After initial warmup of about 12 hours I envited all around for some listening.

the system is an analogue based one with TW Acustic AC, Graham Phamtom, Ortofon A90, Whest PS.30RDT Special Edition but will be upgrading this to the Whest MC REF V. The louspeakers are my ATC SCM100ASL. I try to keep it the same for both system so they don't sound too radically different.

The stock 36.5 sounded 'lean' compared to the DR version. This also had the Mullard rectifier tube in. The stock 36.5 sounded very very good bettering my Lamm preamp without a doubt. The Lamm sounding more like a tube preamp - if you know what I mean. The Lamm also slowed down the speed capability of my Whest phonostage. Both stock and DR version of the 36.5 however were able to show me just how fast the PS.30RDT Special Edition is and how accurate a soundstage the system has.

In all, the DR 36.5 wins hands down. Having a look inside the stock (aug 2011) LS36.5 I see Dan is using Llundhal transformers whereas the older 36.5 uses something else. I have always thought of Llundhal trannies sounding lean to cold - I wonder if the stock 36.5 sounds this way because of these???