ModWright LS36.5 + PS36.5

Does any body try this combo and what would be the difference if compare with ModWright LS36.5 + PS Audio P300 Power plant combo?

Thanks for any advice.
I can't speak about the PS audio but am breaking in the Modwright LS/PS combo right now.My LS had to be sent to be modified to accept the PS and returned a different beast.The break in period is some 200 hours,i am somewhere around 150 but the most immediate response was impressive and continues to open up.The soundstage has has taken on a pyramid -like depth,revealing the layers of music,rising like a staircase.It may be the audio equivalent to time laspse photography,as you would see a flower bloom in fast motion the detail of the music was transformed.You hear into the music,rather than at the music.It really draws you in on a well recorded cd or sacd.The resolution on vinyl is stunning as well,a little harder to describe due to the "one of a kind" nature to each recording,but continues to amaze.The bass response is,well,if you like bass,this is mothers milk.I think the bass response is still finding it's path.I think this combo of the LS/PS craves to be played loud.I am moving all my gear to a larger room before i go deaf.I am using the BAT vk 75 se which also uses the Russian 6h30 tubes and these three units are really starting to communicate.The Bat is new as well and is not yet reaching optimum performance.The speakers are Sonus Faber Cremona's and are responding well to this combination.The choice of going with the power supply upgrade is proving to be a really thrilling audio experience.This not only takes it to a whole new level but IS a whole new level.
I have the LS36.5 and the PS36.5 and a PS Audio PP1000.

The PP1000 has improved every source and pre I have tried with it but I don't believe it will make a standard LS36.5 sound like one with a new PS36.5. Clean AC is important but the PS36.5 is creating an entirely improved preamp.

The standard 36.5 is great and has all the sound qualities I expect from a 6H30 preamp but the differences between the standard 36.5 and the PS36.5 version are obvious. The 36.5+ has bigger dynamic swings, more detail, greater apparent channel separation, greater extension - top and bottom - plus a different background "flavor". By this I mean not just a quieter background - as during pauses between tracks - but a background with more depth in quiet passages. More venue is heard and the lightest details are distinct and not lost.
I compared mine with a BAT 52se and found the MW to be more open in the mids and with a very strong improvement in leading edge dynamics.
The clarity and precision of those leading edges gives the 36.5+ a very striking "realness" to the music. Plus it has that extreme quiet which - like most super quiet gear - gives the microdynamics and fine detail of music an opportunity to bloom. The leading edge energy of even these quietest sounds make them, and therefore the whole of the music, much more believable. This is what has impressed me the most.
I have had the 36.5+ since late October and have around 500 hours on it. It seems to have gone through a breakin milestone around the 400-450 hour mark. It opened up more in the HFs with a more refined color to cymbals and bells and with more depth and deep detail in the SS.
The only quibble I have is it seems to take about an hour to sound its best.
Thanks for great responses. I got on test MW LS 36.5 and switch it on trough PS 300 power plant. I found it very musical and life like, feeling is great. But same time I noted that all recordings sounds little bit the same, that was quite surprises me. Looks like that fine details when players expressing or add feelings to performing are missing. What would be your experiences?
What is the cost for the LS36.5/PS36.5 combo?