Modwright LS100/KWA-100SE or Cary SLP05/CAD211?

Source is Modwright Oppo 105D. Speakers are probably Legacy Whisper XDS (I say probably as I haven't bought them yet, but I'm close to pulling the trigger).

After a lot of research, I've narrowed it down to these two (though I'm open to other suggestions). There are pros and cons to both:

Cary Pros:

-I'm fond of tubes, the Carys use my 3 favorites: 6SN7s, 300Bs, 845s

-Class A

-Right now I can get both like new for about $13k with a full compliment of tubes (though none of the uber-rare NOS variety or super-expensive modern runs like Sophia Royal Princess 300B)

Cary Cons:

-More expensive now and in the long run

-Les power

-I've never actually had a tube amp that required biasing, and I know the 845s have enough voltage to kill you if you bias it wrong.

-Can't upscale to surround (not on my budget, at least)

Modwright Pros:

-More power

-Cheaper now and in the long run

-Looks (at least, to this observer)

-Synergy with player

-Reliable build quality (at least I'm familiar with Dan Wright's work)

-Uses tubes I have plenty of (6SN7s & 5ar4s)

-Can potentially upscale to surround in future


-Class A only for first few watts


Any impressions of either combo would be welcome; any comparison would be phenomenal, though it's probably rare anyone has heard both.
It sounds like you are on your way to a killer system. I am a long time fan of both ModWright and Cary, but I have heard neither preamp/amp pair you are considering. What I will suggest you consider is this. Once you get to the level you are talking about here, the only really meaningful opinion is the one you form after a careful A/B comparison in your own room. Be patient, buy used, and resell what you don't keep.
I have a pair of the Cary 211AE with an SLP05 preamp easily driving a pair of Martin Logan Summits which I have been told you can't do that as they don't have enough power. The sound from this combination is simply fantastic. I listen to a lot of different music and I like realistic sound levels. Biasing is easy as the amps come with a plug in meter & that & a flat head screw driver is all you need. Cary does not overload their tubes to get higher output readings so they last a lot longer. I use the amps on surround sound concerts despite the light they emit because they sound so good.