Modwright LS-100 vs. Manley Jumbo Shrimp

Long time lurker with my first question! I want to put together a system with a tube pre and a SS power amp to use with my new Salk Songtower speakers. I have heard the Modwright LS-100 with a Cary SS amp and really liked the sound, but the Manley philosophy and reviews appeal to me also. I will probably be purchasing a Parasound A23 as the power amp because it is in the right price range and I only need ~100 watts to drive the Songtowers. Does anyone have experience with these two pre's that they can share? My budget is around 5K for both. I listen to many genres but I do like acoustic and electric blues, rock, live recordings and also some jazz. Don't really listen to much vocal music. I guess I'm looking for a musical experience rather than an analytical one, if that makes sense. Thanks for your help and insight!