modwright kwi 200

Category: Amplifiers

Ive been using the kwi 200 for about two years now and I have to say im just now enjoying it more than ever.My experience gos as follows.
I have had my adagios for over 4 years and just recently did an extended burnin on getting the surround really moving.
I cant tell you in words what a difference in the whole dynamic resolution of my system has takin place.
more bass definition (lowend),detail of instruments,more impact,sound stage I said in another post...I was ready to give them up...but I don't think it's all just the adagio's
This gets to the modwright kwi 200 and what that amp sounds like...This thing sounds like 200 watts a side and it has just a natural easiness (with grip) about it.Soundstage from top to's all coloration of instruments...I was originally thinking of an integrated that was 3000.00 more than this gem...and im glad I stuck with the modwright...dan is personable as well as the help.
For the dollar its one of the best deals I believe.I don't think I could ever go back to an amp that has less power and grip as this does...dynamics have really come alive.It doesn't appear that anyones really given this thing props...if your thinking of an integrated...give this bad boy a just might find your next amp.