Modwright KWI-200 Integrated, Any experiences?

I just purchased a Modwright KWI-200 Integrated Amp. I am waiting for it to be shipped. I've never heard it and cannot find a proper review of it online. Any experiences with anyone? My expectations are high.
Hi Routeman21, yes I follow this thread and also all your posts and was aware of the incident that you had with Modwright. I sure looking forward to your review and comparison between the other amps that you also like to try. I think it will be of a high value for people who are deciding for some better integrated. Looking forward to that. I also searched the internet (British, French, New Zealand forums) but there is not so much users of Moodwright KWI 200. When an amp was launched there were some inputs but latter on opinions and quite limited.

wish you best, d.
Routerman21, Please keep us posted. There are folks on the sidelines looking forward to you observations. I live in Washington state and have had two of Modwright's Sony players. I have found Dan to be very responsive to questions and any issues and glad you have received your new unit.
It's been some time since my last post but I now have about 100 hours on the Modwright KWI200. I believe it has more time to burn in but I thought I would post now. I am very pleased with it's overall sound, in fact at about 100 hours it sounds better than the first unit did with 300 hours. Dan did increase the operating bias so it does sound better and also gets warmer than the first unit.

Compared to the MAC & Bryston, which are similarly priced, it has superior dynamics, soundstage is wider & images are more precise with voices sounding like they are more THERE! Very musical presentation for solid state.
The Bryston is a little smoother (which I like) but the Modwright is more balanced thru out the frequencies; extended bass & highs. Of course, the Modwright has twice the power than the others and it easily powers my 87db bookshelves so relatively inefficient floorstanders shouldn't be an issue.

I highly recommend an audition with the KWI200 or just take a chance and purchase it if you can afford it. Modwright's customer service (Dan himself) is second to none and handled my problem in a fashion where he had to be totally satisfied with the repair before shipping it back to me. Quality control!
Great thanks for this feedback Routeman. Nice to observe a satisfaction with the KWI 200. Btw I found some more reviews of this Modwright integrated. Here:
Hmmm I had the 150 SE for a short while.....modified, a one off. not impressed although I was hoping to be. Thought volume for that amp was not comparable to other amps of equal lesser value, and sound quality fairly flat. But I like loud, I like boost, and natural tone is boring to me. So maybe it will be great for you to sure.