MOdwright KWA 150 in mono

I own a MW Transporter and am a big fan of Modwright generally. For a short period at a show, I was able to hear this amp and liked it very much. I was wondering how much better it might sound in mono mode. Has anyone heard it that way? I would love to hear people's impressions. Thanks.
Hasn't anyone heard the monos?
a beautifull listening yesterday at an belgium exhibition
cit their big preamp (2 elements), audioaero "la source" player and Audiophysic CArdeas.
I've the chance to listen befor with one bloc in stereo and after with 2 blocs mono bridged.
The GAP is very important as it was not the same amp.

In the past Iv'e listened amp which after being bridged were less musical. With MW it's not the case.
Probably my future amps (x 2)