Modwright KWA 100SE vs Modwright KWA 150

Hello and thanks in advance for your advice.

I would like to buy a used Modwright KWA 100SE but may be able to buy a KWA 100 and send it to Mr. Dan Wright to upgrade to SE. Because I live in Canada, all the shipping and such will be approximately the same price as a Modwright KWA 150 used.

I am wondering if there is much sonic difference between the two? The weight of the KWA 150 is a negative for me but I could live with it. Upgrading a KWA 100 involves much more shipping, unless I buy in US and ship directly to Modwright.

From a sonic perspective only and for futureproofing which would you recommend of the two?

Thanks again,

I looked into this myself awhile back and contacted Dan. He stated w/o hesitation that the KWA 150 is a better beastie. As a KWA 150 (now SE) owner, I can confirm this amp is the best I've owned/heard to date.

You will note many sonic aspects of the KWA 150 to enjoy, and I can think of no negatives (except that it's not an SE).
thank you Jgwilson, that is what I suspected.

Thank you for confirming. I suppose I was a little disheartened at the thought of shipping such a large package across borders. I may hold out for the KWA 150SE
if I go to all the trouble of paying for $$$$shipping, duties and taxes.