Modwright KWA 100SE or 150SE

My speakers (Montana XP) are 4 Ohm 92 db with 7 drivers (2x10, 2x7, 2x4 and a tweeter) I was considering one of the Modwright amps as was wondering if the 100SE was the same design as the 150SE, just only 1/3 less power. There seems to be quite a price difference in the two. Can anyone tell me how many watts each amp draws at idle?
I don't know the answer to your questions other than to note that the 150SE weighs 84lbs while the 100SE weighs 43lbs. There is also a much larger power tranny and much more capacitance in the 150SE.

Did you ever get the Modwright KWA 150SE amplifier?

If you did how do you like it? And what are your thoughts about Modwright products?

Saw your post here and the other one about the PH150. I have only heard the PH150 in show conditions so chose not to post on the other thread but I have owned a KWA150SE for several years now and have been extremely happy with the amp. Prior to the Modwright I owned a series of Audio Research solid state amps (100.2, 150.2 and SD135) all were nice amps in their own right but none presented the music in as realistic fashion as the Modwright. To my ears the KWA150SE strikes a wonderful balance of having some tube attributes (slight warmth, no edge, holographic, musically refined) and the best of solid state designs (authority, quiet, bass heft, reliability). The Modwright is built like a tank and will last forever. Though I have not heard it in direct comparison with a large number of other amps, many who have consider it a reference caliber product. I suspect they are correct. If you are considering one, I would recommend it without hesitation. The only thing that would cause me to part with my KWA would be to go in an entirely different direction--like SE tube monoblocks--which would also work in my setup. (Dan's new 845 monos have certainly caught my attention!). Best of luck with your journey!