Modwright CD player problem...HELP

I just got this player and it's great except for one problem. Using either one of the S-video connections produces a banding on the tv screen that continually moves from top to bottom. These lines exist despite trying numerous DVDs, a different s-video cord, and different power cables to the unit. Running the s-video directly from the 999ES to the tv also did not solve the problem I even tried hooking up my old unit (Arcam DV 88). When I did this, the problem finally went away. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve the s-video problem on the player?
This is a video " noise" from a ground loop. Often the source is your co-ax CATV connection. Try a CATV ground isolation transformer. You can get a cheap one from Rat Shack or a better one from Jensen or Mondial (MAGIC its called).
Why would it be present with one dvd player and not the other?
I've noticed that the problem also disappears when I disconnect the cable line.
There you go, it's a 60 cycle hum related to cable, if it was gone when you disconnected it that's it. I would guess that when you hooked up the Arcam cable wasn't involved, hence no problem. Get a signal isolator, Mondial makes something called the Magic Splitter or something like that, and there may be other cheaper alternatives. Good luck!
Before you spend any time shopping for the proper isolator, call your cable provider and schedule a service call. Explain the problem. I'll bet they will install a signal isolator (or similar fix) for free. Mine did.
I was going to purchase a magic years ago, but first tried running my cable through my Monster power conditioner that I use for HT only, and that solved the problem.
Purchased a unit from called the DAYTON VIT-1 VIDEO ISOLATION TRANSFORMER and the problem is not fixed. Thanks for the help everyone.