Modwright & Adcom Amp

Anyone have experience with the Modwright SWL 9.0 SE Pre Amp and the Adcom GFA 300 Watt power Amp. How do they work together or do they. I have Salk HT3 Signature Veracity speakes.
As for this exact combination, I've never heard it. But the Modwright is a very good tubed preamp that should mate very well with most SS amps. I think mating a good tubed preamp with a SS amp is the way to go if you want to avoid the extra maintenance, heat and costs associated with tubed power amps but still get a good dose of the 'tube sound' benefits.
The thing to consider, besides how they sound together, is the output impedance of the preamp and the input impedance of the amp. What I've read is that the preamp's impedance should be 10x or greater than the amp's input impedance. For example, if the amp's input impedance is 500 ohms, then the preamp's output impedance should be 5,000 ohms or greater.