Modwright 9.0SE Sig. versus Belles 21A

I am in the market for a new preamp in the $3k range. These two have comem up as likely contenders. They have similar features and price. But, how do they sound relative to each other? I have a Modwright phono pre that I really like, so the Mdwright is appealing to me from that experience. But, the Belles also seems highly regarded, if not discussed as much online as the Modright. Another simpler and cheaper alternative would be the Manley Shrimp but I am not certain that it can compete with my other choices. Any advice or insight here? Thanks!
I have had a Modwright 9.0SE (not Sig.) now for about 3 years; favorite tubes are the Sylvania GB5687s. I bought a used Belles 28A here on the Gon about 4 months ago, mainly to be more user-friendly (I leave it on all the time) for my wife. I'd say they are fairly similar in sound, but the Belles sounds obviously SS...great detail but a little less warmth. Funny thing, I bought the Belles here on Audiogon from a fellow who also owned a Modwright (Jeff...are you out there?) Feel free to email if you'd like more details.
Yep still out here. Not as familiar with the Belles 21A. I think you meant the 28a in that price range. Mdrummer01 description is right on and that is what I experienced. The Belles (28A) had better extension on top and bottom (tighter in bass also) and better soundstage (wider and deeper) The Modwright was warmer and fuller harmonically, just as detailed. It comes down to preference at this level. I would say if you like the sound of the Modwright phono stage go with a Modwright preamp. The Belles is a little more convenient with remote input switching and volume (Modwright only has volume remote). I may be selling my Modwright with upgrades and plenty of tubes, but haven't decided yet. Just picked up a Supratek preamp. Not sure which one I like best - they are close in certain respects.
the belles 21a with aurucap upgrade retails for $3000 and uses two 12au7 tubes. i own one and am using rca command 5814a tubes in it. it is fast, dynamic, with very good bass, and a clear sweet midrange. i compared it to the dodd battery preamp when it first came out and the majority opinion at the time was that the belles let more of the music through. at that time i had the stock tubes (mullards). every now and then you can find one used on audiogon for $1300-$1500.
when i was looking for a new preamp (pre-belles, a guy i trust had heard both and pointed me in the direction of the belles.
Thanks for your insights. I went ahead and ordered up a new Modwright. I figured since I like the phono stage so much, why the heck not?
Rockinrobin, what's your impression of the Modwright? What were you using beforehand? Also, what amp and speakers do you have?