Modwright 9.0SE or Rogue 99 Magnum

I am trying to decide on a tube preamplifier for a 2 channel setup. I am on the fence between a Modwright 9.0SE and the Rogue 99 Magnum. Has anybody compared the two close enough to comment or offer an opinion.
I owned the Rogue and now own a Modwright and a Joule La-100 preamp. The Rogue had the biggest fullest sound of the three, but it was too big sounding to my ears. It also was on the noisy side. It has a warm sound to it tubby sounding but not overly. I think both the Modwright and the Joule preamps are a step up from it. The Modwright is the most neutral while the Joule is more lush and warm, a fuller bottom end and would sit in between the Modwright and Rogue in my opinion warmth wise. The Modwright is the most dynamic , the Joule has the most inner detail . It really depends on what preamp sound you are loking for. I have my Joule on sale here, alhough I am not sure I like the Modwright over it better.
I have only heard the 99 (not Magnum) in my system. I own the Modwright. I agree with what Jeff says above.
However I recently had the Modwright upgraded with the tube PS and the differences are substantial. It is much fuller in body and tone with a much larger soundstage, particularly in depth. Yet the dynamics and PRAT of the SS rectified unit are retained and resolution is slightly increased. All pluses, no minuses and an incredible bargain.
I have owned a Modwright and a Rogue.The Mod with the Tungsol premium tubes won everytime in my system.
Another big vote for the Modwright Pre - from those of us across the water in the UK.