Modwright 36.5 v McIntosh C2300 preamp

Looking for a preamp to go with my Modwright 150 amp. Prefer to have built in phono. Considering the Modwright 36.5 preamp (no built in phono) and the McIntosh C2300. Do not have opportunity to directly compare the 2 in my system, so was curious if anyone had any thoughts on these preamps, ideally with the Modwright amp. Thanks for your input.
Why is the 36.5 on your list if you prefer a built in phono stage?Why not the 9.0SE(see link below).Just curious.Good luck in your search.
ditto...and i would stick with Modwright to complement your KWA150, , especially if you won't have a chance to audition the C2300 in your system. There is likely to be synergy there that may or may not be presetn with the C2300.
I have at one time had both of these in my system. While they are both excellent products I strongly prefer the sound of the Modwright LS 36.5 vs. the McIntosh C2300. Don't get me wrong cosmetically the McIntosh is beautiful and has a strong feature set with a nice built-in phono stage. The McIntosh is a very good sounding piece, but it tends to make everything sound very smooth and similiar. The Modwright on the other hand is very neutral, but better resolves all types of music with a nice dynamic and open presentation. Each product will provide a quality experience, but in my opinion the Modwright is more resolving and does not add its own flavor to the signal.
I have also listened to the LS 36.5 with the Modwright KWA-150 and there is of course a nice synergy between the two.
I agree about the synergy b/t Modwright amplifiers and preamps. I've had both the above mentioned in my system and they were both very good individually, but put together, they became excellent. Very complimentary.
Bhume said...
"The McIntosh is a very good sounding piece, but it tends to make everything sound very smooth and similiar."

I would be interested in knowing the amp you were using at the time you made this observation..Just as there must be a "synergy" beteen Nodwright products when used together, i would suggest the same for McIntosh. Try listening to the C2300 with the C2000 amp,or any other McIntosh amp,for that matter and I guarantee you'll hear no "similarity",as you put, (what ever that means.)

I was using a McIntosh MC 402 with the C2300. I was not trying to offend anyone, but simply state my experience with the two products I owned as requested by the op. They are both excellent products and each has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses.
Thank everyone for their input. As you know, there are a number of very good preamp choices available, the McIntosh and Modwright included - it really comes down to what sounds best to the individual. Unfortunately a lot of us don't have the opportunity to listen to pieces of equipment/cables before we buy so input by those that have experience with such equipment can be helpful. Thanks again.
Go with the Mac
McIntosh is a proven company
It has the highest resale
Like all audio gear you can mix and match but that takes a lot of time and luck. I think Mod Wright with same brand amp is the smart way to go.

Having said that I use McIntosh gear so my C2300 makes great music with the McIntosh C2300. The C2300 is natural and neutral with great detail and dynamics. This C2300 drives the MC402 amp.

I think HP said the C2300 was the first tube preamp that had no sound of its own that he has heard. I also can state that they type of NOS tube you use can take the McIntosh C2300 any way you want it, warmer, super detailed etc.

I like in this order Siemens 12ax7WA, Telefunkens and Mullards, RCA black plates and if I want a more even and a touch analytical sound just pop in a pair of GE 5751 black plates.

The C2300 is a keeper, just use the tube that best fits your idea of good sound. 5 star preamp.