Modulus 3A vs ARC LS 15,25 linestages Bal.

Would like to hear some respounce from people that have own these preamps.I own the VT 100 M2 and use the 3A singe ended into the Amp.How big of a differance would if any make by running an ARC pre Bal make?
Thanks Mike
None! I've owned the LS 16, and had the LS15 for a while as well...the Modulus, over all, is a better preamp in myoppinion! The LS16 is pretty good, when you use good tubes..otherwise, I wouldn't switch. But, you can alway's try!..then you'll know...
Could you please elaborate on possible tube rolls for the LS-16?

I housesat for a month while my brother was on his honeymoon and listened extensively to his AR 100.2/LS-16 combo w/ Vandersteen 3A Sigs. Surprisingly, I found it to have slightly rolled off highs, muted mids, and fuzzy bass. It was really disappointing, because he had such high praises for his $10k+ system.

The overall sound wasn't bad, just not as clean and tight as I thought it would be. I originally thought that the 100.2 amp didn't have sufficient current to control the Vandy's, but I posted this over at AA and someone said that the culprit was probably the pre because the 100.2 is one of the best SS amps AR has ever made. I am sure that the LS-16 has the original OEM tubes and he's only had it less than 2 years.

Any thoughts on this?

ps. one possible culprit may be his cabling.

How old are the tubes in the LS16? Sounds like they need replacing? I heard a BIG difference when I went from single ended to balanced using my LS25 MKII. I had a slight hum that wouldn't go away, as soon as I changed to balanced it disappeared! And the single ended cables were in excellent condition prior to changing. Each system will offer sliightly different results, it's that synergy word again.