Modulus 3A MM phono.Need help with cart choices.

Need some help with how low of output I can go with using standard MM section.
Thanks mike
Here's a setup I was very happy with:

M3A with the gain switch in the low setting due to a tuner with a high output.
McCormack DNA 0.5 (100W/ch @ 8 ohms)
Thiel CS1.5 (86db)
Benz Micro Glider @ 1mV

Note that the Glider is a MC cartridge and it seems to work better with about 1K load than the M3A MM fixed 47k load, but like I said, I was quite happy with it. I never listen at hearing-damage levels, but it got as loud as I could take with the attenuaters at about 3:00p. Hope this helps.
look for cartridges from 1 to 3mV output voltage. For example: Dynavector 20xh has 2.5mV and $500 new. Excellent for Jazz fusion and any kind of Rock, a little bit agressive for a classical music.
You have a few things to consider. What is the input sensitivity of your amplifier? How efficient are your speakers? How loud do you like it? In the right circumstance you could conceivably get away with .7 or .8mv, maybe even a little less, but I think anything over 1mv is a safe bet.