Modulus 3A help needed and moving coil question

I just bought a Modulus 3A and am buying a Conrad Johnson MV-75 A1. I am concerned about impedance matching and wonder do any of you know if those two units are a good match for each other?
I recently bought a nice turntable as well and after hearing good things about the Denon cartridges, picked one up.My Modulus doesnt have the extra phono stage for low output moving coil cartridges and I dont feel like spending the extra $600 for it. My problem is, I did not do my homework. I originally picked a Denon DL110 which would have worked fine with my phono stage being that its medium output but then I bought a DL103 at the last minute because so many people praised it. Well now I find its low output means I need a separate transformer and I'm not crazy about that. Would I get better sound for my money out of using the slightly cheaper DL110 cartridge instead of using the 103 with some sort of transformer/ amplifier? I dont want to shell out hundreds more for that part if I can help it( at least not for that Curl unit that A.I. sells) Of course I'd still have to sell off the 103 now if I drop down to the 110.

Another question is, which input to run the cd through? I heard some people saying to use the tape in. Why?
Set up the system including the low output 103 and see what it sounds like first. Obviously, if you have to turn the attenuators all the way up to get any decent gain then address the phono preamp issue. An outboard phono pre such as a Creek or Nad can be had fairly cheap.
>An outboard phono pre such as a Creek or Nad can be had fairly cheap.<

Not the best solution. He will be losing the benefit of the great phono section in the 3A. My suggestion would be if money is an issue right now, go with a MM or HO MC into the Modulus. Later on you can get the phono stage upgraded or add a step up tranny. Probably the latter is the way to go considering the long turn around time from AI.


The tape input is better than the seedee input because the latter uses resistors inline, supposedly to tame early digititis. The aux input and the tape input are the most direct and transparent.