Mods to Cary SLP98L

I have an early version of the SLP98L (chrome top) and want to upgrade.  What upgrades are suggested?  coupling caps, hexfreds, etc.  Also what values are needed for each.  I also want to use the phono selector and add a pair of RCA plugs for use with an external phono section.  Is this easily done?

I have the SLP98P (with phono stage) but adding an external phono preamp is what many people have done with the SLP98L.  You could run a phono preamp into the AUX inputs for example.  I believe all the line inputs are basically the same, just marked for convenience.

I didn't upgrade any of the soldered components such as caps, but many people have.  If you look on Cary's website they offer AVAILABLE UPGRADES: Cardas Caps, Jensen Caps, .22/600 Audio 1 Caps, Hexfreds and these Mods: Home Theater Bypass, Phono Stage, and Lundahl MC Transformers.  You might want to call them and see what they recommend and see what they might charge for your interests unless you are a DIY sort.

I did upgrade the 6SN7 tubes with great satisfaction.  I bought my unit new and it came with new EH 6SN7s.  A friend had a number of NOS tubes on hand and I scored a quad of very nice Sylvania JAN 6SN7GT black base, bottom getter.  This change was quite noticable.  I highly recommend trying different 6SN7 tubes if you haven't already.    

I also think their MM phono stage is pretty good.  I use a MC cart with a Bob's SUT into the MM input.  That sound wonderful.  I also upgraded the 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes from that stage.

This preamp is ripe for a number of changes.  I think that is one reason it has stayed in their lineup so long.  It's a wonder platform for tuning the sound.