mods for Sony SCD 333

Whose mods do you find would make the biggest improment in my Sony SCD 333?
Contact Richard Kern at and tell him Jack at sent ya!!!
Richard modified his first 333ES using mine as the ginnea pig. Stock Sony resistors and caps were replaced with premium Vishay and Black Gates. Huge difference. Richard just installed the audiomod "SuperClock" upgrade,,,, and again, an 11 on the WOW factor. Great work, wonderful customer svc, and affordable prices. He'll turn your 333ES into a thourobred, no kiding!


PS Have Richard install a IEC connector so you can rid the player of the cheap stock cord and plug and get your self a BelCanto Power Cord,,,, simply amazing.
I had Richard do a Level 1 (changing out of 48 resistors & capacitors and installation of an IEC) and the Super Clock upgrade. SACD is better but redbook is much more musical than stock and stock plus ART DI/O!