Mods for Rogue 99

Is anyone aware of good mods to upgrade a Rogue 99 pre? I think this is an under rated pre amp. The build quality and attention to user features is excellent. My sense is that with some upgraded internal parts, this pre could be elevated by a great margin. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Have you had it upgraded to Magnum? Quite a performance increase. Contact Mark at Rogue. Very helpful.
Do you have the Magnum version? If not Rogue will probably do that upgrade. Give them a call, they answer the phone and you can speak to anyone you need to; Mark O'Brian, etc. Maybe some NOS tubes to start?
Call Rogue and speak to Mark (or, Mark...there are two of them). These guys are easy to talk to...tell them you want to "kick it up a notch"....they may have some ideas.

Rogue are the guys to turn to. I sent my Cronus integrated back to them for an upgrade. What was a BMW came back a Porsche.
Steve, any idea on what they did to your Cronus?
Talk nice to Mark (either one) and they can set you up with some power supply upgrades, nos tubes, a few premium parts tweaks and balanced in and out (if you do not have the internal phono pre-amp, there is not room if you do). How this compares to box stock I don't know, bought mine already tweaked and the Magnum version. You might need to be patient.